digital pianos work

Similar to other developing technologies, digital pianos are also one of the technologies which have drastically improved and developed over the last few decades far more than the traditional acoustic pianos.

  1. Keyboard Functioning

The main thing in a piano is the sound and rhythm it produces and digital pianos are made considering both of these factors. The keys are electronically programmed to produce a sound the same as a traditional acoustic piano would make. It is done by recording the sounds of a real piano and program the same in computers of digital pianos. In digital piano, this sound is produced with the help of a computer installed inside and weighted keys which take some time to raise back after pressing due to weight.

You can say it is very much similar to laptop keys where a signal is sent to the processor whenever we press any key. It also has some advanced mechanisms to create an effect of playing a real piano. Some advanced digital pianos also have the key with hammer feature for playing sound but the keys are still weighted to respond more like a real piano.

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  1. Sensors Operations

There are some sensors installed in a digital piano which interprets what your fingers are doing on the keyboard. After that, a signal is sent to the computer to produce the corresponding sound for whatever key is pressed. Also, there is a series of sensors attached over a keyboard which senses the different features available in a digital piano. For instance, some sensors can only transmit three or four bands of touch velocity while others, when used in multiples, can accurately interpret thousands of touch velocities.

  1. Speakers Functioning

Speakers are the most important part of digital pianos having the most of control over the tone of the piano. It is not same as a traditional piano where higher wattage is corresponding a good sound quality instead it will only produce a louder sound in a digital piano. While the overall fidelity of speakers is what matters the most in digital pianos which is responsible to make a difference in how realistic sound can be produced by these pianos.

It also decides how much frequencies it will cover from a broad range of booming bass strings to delicate treble notes. With growing technology, engineers are trying their hard to exactly replicate the sound of that traditional acoustic piano with smarter computers and faster developments.

  1. Paddling Action in Digital Pianos

There are actually damper pedals in a traditional acoustic piano which are used to connect the sounds of two strings as otherwise, the sound will have a breaking effect after each key is pressed. Though some digital pianos also have pedals the advanced ones follow a new technology named as Progressive Damper Action. It helps in creating the effect of damper pedals by controlling and connecting the two sounds made from different keys.

There are two other pedals also which too used to control the sound but these two pedals are mainly responsible for softening the tone and controlling the volume pitch of the music.

karaoke machine facts

1. National Karaoke Week

Yeah I know you must have never imagined that karaoke is such a famous and important thing that there’s actually a week to celebrate it in the USA. Note “a week” not a day. This week is the fourth week of the month April and this is called a “National Karaoke week” in the United States of America.

2. Karaoke Machines Innovation

When you think of the best karaoke machines, all that comes to your mind is that it would be having a music system with a mike and a system like maybe a CD that displays lyrics on the screen and tracks the singer’s voice. But that’s not it karaoke machines actually rate the singer’s performance and show the calories he has lost during his performance. Shocking right?

3. Philippine People Are the Biggest Fan of Karaoke

Yes Filipinos have a craze of karaoke and their obsession is of next level. Why am I saying this? Because the Philippine is a place with the highest number of in-home karaoke machines, it’s said that there’s at least one karaoke box in every house in the Philippines.

4. Karaoke = Empty Orchestra

In Japanese, the language of a place where this past-time was invented, the literal meaning of karaoke is “Empty orchestra”.

5. It Is Fun Plus Has an Impact on Mental Development of a Person

Whenever we think of karaoke we think that it’s just for fun and having a good time with your friends or family but this is not it. Like its true that karaoke is a really entertaining past time but it also helps in human development. Do you know how? Like it’s known to be a major stress reliever and confidence builder and boaster. Also, it’s also said that karaoke teaches people how to socialize around.

6. Largest Karaoke Until Today Was the One with 160,000 Participants

Yes you are wrong if you think karaoke is just a normal past time that’s not very popular or important. Why? Because in 2009 a worldwide karaoke competition took place in Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, USA and it had about 160,000 participants who sang very enthusiastically.

7. It Has Gained So Much Popularity That There Are Special Competitions for It

Karaoke has gained so much popularity that countries are now arranging special championships of this game, for instance, the world karaoke championship in which total 30 countries participate and their whole pool is shortlisted then given a chance to be a part of the championship.

8. Karaoke’s Global Market Is Huge

Karaoke’s global market value is about 10 billion US dollars. Shocked? That was pretty much expected.

9. Karaoke Machines Help the Professional Singers in Their Job

Yes! It’s true that karaoke machines like platinum karaoke in Philippine actually help singers like the professionals use the machine or practicing their work and this is because the machine is of A1 quality.

10. Karaoke Jockey is Actually a Thing Now!

After Disco Jockey now even karaoke jockey is a job! Sounds fun!